Keiser University’s College of Chiropractic Medicine is a Natural Fit for PSL Campus Undergrad

Roxanne Shepherd always knew she wanted to help others by serving in the medical field. After moving to Port St. Lucie, Florida in 2016 she was ready to pursue her dream, and soon came into contact with a member of the Admissions Office from the local Keiser University campus.

“I was invited for a tour of Keiser’s new Tradition location and it was suggested that I undergo testing to learn more about programs that would be a good fit. When my scores came in, we were excited that they reflected a great aptitude for Biomedical Science. After meeting Program Director Michael Weir, I knew the program was for me,” said Shepherd.

Shepherd is happy with the decision she made. “From the beginning, I felt that faculty members were in my corner and would do anything to see me excel.  Dr. Michael Weir and Instructor Karen Keeping continually motivated and encouraged me while answering all my questions, even though they were not always school-related, and Dr. Weir taught me how to develop valuable study habits, including the daily review of course work.  I soon found my rhythm and was able to fine-tune and tailor a regime that got me through the courses,” reflected Shepherd.

Motivated to work as a professional with a group that appreciates the field as a science-based division of medicine that can offer alternative therapies that work in conjunction with other healthcare providers, Shepherd enrolled in Keiser’s College of Chiropractic Medicine after earning her Biomedical Science degree in December 2019.

“Applying to the Keiser University College of Chiropractic Medicine was an easy choice. To transition within a school that puts its students first was a no brainer,” smiled Shepherd. “I always knew I wanted to be a physician, and the chiropractic field will provide me with the freedom to connect with patients and in some instances allow for instant gratification. Everything I have learned in my undergraduate work is now coming back, but with a big bang.  I am so grateful I paid attention in class,” smiled Shepherd, who recently participated in the program’s White Coat Ceremony.

When asked what she’d recommend to others who are contemplating the field, Shepherd encourages future students to get to know program leaders. “With the proper guidance from staff and faculty, a strong desire and the discipline to complete tasks, the sky is the limit. Life is one big learning experience and knowledge must be sought daily,” she said.

The White Coat Ceremony has become a tradition in health science programs since 1993 and marks the student’s entrance into the clinical phase of training.  A well-known symbol of professionalism in the medical sciences, receiving the white coat recognizes a student as a member of his or her profession, bound by the same professional commitments that are honored by all physicians.


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