Keiser University’s Port St. Lucie Campus Welcomes Leadership Distinction Speaker Alejandro Miquel

Keiser University’s Port St. Lucie Campus recently welcomed Dr. Alejandro Miquel as its Leadership Distinction Program speaker.

As the Chief Medical Officer for Florida Community Health Center (FCHC), Dr. Miquel shared insights relating to the importance of having a mentor, continuing education, loving an organization’s mission, and leading by example as well as his desire as a child to become a doctor and how he overcame challenges to accomplish the goal.

As part of his presentation, he relayed how he graduated within the top 5% of his class while serving as the Chief Resident and President of the House Staff while also completing his residency at Texas Tech University. His top five tips for success included:

  1. Stay hungry, never stop learning, try new things, and if you fail, get up and try again.
  2. Stay humble, be a good listener, and never forget where you came from.
  3. Stay happy, do things that fulfill you and make you a better person.
  4. Stay honest, always tell the truth and apologize when necessary.
  5. Say hello, be personable to everyone you encounter because you never know how you will affect their day.

“Keiser University Port St. Lucie campus faculty, staff, and students were excited to gain insights from Dr. Miquel as he inspired them to become great leaders while learning from failure, and overcoming obstacles to reach personal and professional goals,” said Leslie Haviland, Director of Student Services.

Florida Community Health Centers is a major partner for the Port St. Lucie Campus.  The non-profit healthcare provider has employed more than 15 graduates from the campus serving in positions from information technology to medical assisting.  Members of FCHC’s team serve on the University’s Advisory Board, attend the campus’s annual job fairs, serve as guest speakers, help with mock interviews, and more.

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