Women in Automotive Scholarship Places Keiser University Student One-Step Closer to Career Goals

Keiser University Flagship campus student Mercedes Rangel Barbosa has embarked on an educational journey which now plays a vital role in her objective to one day own her own automotive dealership.

The Chicago, Illinois native first learned about the Keiser University curriculum and scholarship opportunity while speaking with professor Martha Rader at a Women in Automotive Conference.

“After speaking with Dr. Rader, I began to realize that the Keiser University Automotive Dealership Management program and $20,000 Women in Automotive Scholarship would provide additional knowledge, along with experience targeted toward my specific industry, further supporting my goal of becoming a dealership partner,” said Rangel-Barbosa who’d decided to embrace the automotive industry career path after entering as a sales representative and advancing to become an Operating Partner thanks to a colleague who’d recognized her work ethic and capabilities. “Regardless of the line of work you are in, you have to constantly improve to maximize your greatest potential and make the biggest impact. It’s like an engine. Every once in a while you may need a tune-up, or a belt, hose or tire change. After meeting with Professor Brian Bastin, learning about his background, and receiving an overview of the curriculum, I believe Keiser University can boost my dealership performance to a completely different level, in turn providing the highest level of excellence while developing growth and profitability,” she said.

“It is often quoted that women influence up to 85% of all new car purchases, yet the percentage of women sales consultants in dealerships is only 7%.  Even more disturbing, the 2017 NADA workforce study reports the annual turnover rate for women sales consultants is over 90%.  It is our objective to improve this situation.  Through our partnership with Women in Automotive, we are able to provide aspiring women automotive leaders with the skills necessary to be successful in the exciting and lucrative automotive industry,” said Bastin.

The Keiser University Bachelor of Arts degree in Business Administration Automotive Dealership Management curriculum examines various environmental factors influencing the automotive industry such as technological progress, consumer expectations, government regulation, and personal mobility. Students are exposed to the unique challenges facing today’s automotive and vehicle retail distribution systems and graduates are equipped with the knowledge, skills, and techniques to thrive in the new environment.

To learn more about the program please visit: https://www.keiseruniversity.edu/business-administration-automotive-dealership-management-ba/

Brian Bastin, Mercedes Rangel-Barbosa and Martha Rader

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