Keiser University and Best Selling Author Don Yaeger Launch New Leadership Initiative

As Keiser University continues to provide students with opportunities to develop the knowledge, understanding, and skills necessary for successful employment through quality teaching, learning, and research, the university is pleased to join forces with guest lecturer, and New York Times Bestselling author Don Yaeger, to offer The Greatness Leadership Initiative: Transforming the World in the Face of Change.

The open, online course will highlight The 16 Characteristics of Greatness, and participants are invited to register here.

The 16 characteristics of greatness include:

1. I will not make excuses.
2. I will constantly evaluate my inner circle, surrounding myself with those headed someplace special.
3. I will set aside time each day to re-center myself.
4. I will encourage at least one person each day.
5. I will do the necessary “homework” to make each day – each meeting – as productive as possible.
6. I will seek out a new opportunity for personal or professional growth each day.
7. I will envision success – actually see it in my mind – in all I do.
8. I will be better, not bitter, in moments of adversity.
9. I will not be intimidated by taking thoughtful risks.
10. I will stay open-minded, not allowing old habits to hold me back.
11. I will point out the contributions of others.
12. I will consider what I can do, or sacrifice, to help strengthen my team.
13. I will do something today for someone who cannot give me anything in return.
14. I will act all day as if someone I were mentoring were sitting by my side.
15. I will relish the chance to be a standard for others.
16. I will remember that my life requires balance.

While recognizing the additional challenges presented by COVID-19, and that strong team goals are among the first steps to greatness, the program will offer valuable insights relating to leadership attributes that have proven effective for successful businessmen and women and winning athletes. The 16-week open course will begin on August 31, 2020. It will be taught online, free of charge, and available to all in the Keiser University community.

“I feel that success leaves clues, and over the course of my career I’ve followed the clues and learned the characteristics of what makes great leaders, the great winners, the great thinkers of all time so special, and more specifically what enabled them to unlock the ability to go from good to great and to stay there,” said Yaeger.

Having offered students, the very best resources to equip the next generation of talented, service-focused, and professional leaders, Keiser University is especially delighted to offer its students, faculty, staff, and alumni this resource. Participants will hear commentary from winning athletes and businesspeople.

To view the Keiser University GREATNESS Leadership Initiative Launch Video, please click here.

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For more than 25-years, bestselling author and sports journalist Don Yaeger has asked insightful questions to the most dynamic and successful athletes and business leaders in the world, and now he shares their answers. From his countless interviews and discussions emerged 16 characteristics offered by the most exceptional winners of our time; how they think, how they prepare, how they work, how they live. As each characteristic is outlined and illustrated through anecdotes, we’re challenged to look for areas in our professional and personal lives that can be improved by embracing these lessons.

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Keiser University is pleased to join forces with guest lecturer, and New York Times Bestselling author Don Yaeger, to offer The Greatness Leadership Initiative: Transforming the World in the Face of Change. This open, online course is available free of charge to all in the Keiser University community. Stay tuned for more information!

The Greatness Leadership Initiative: Transforming the World in the Face of Change