Keiser University Thanks Student Founded Organization and Academic Leader for Scholarship Donations

Leaders from Keiser University’s West Palm Beach campus were thankful to be awarded scholarships for women in the healthcare field at a ‘Spreading the Love’ gala hosted by the Strong Women Inspiring Interdisciplinary Fortitude and Transformation (SWIIFT) organization.

Founded by Keiser University College of Chiropractic program students Karla Thiele, Mary Seddique, Karen-Ann Gordon and Paola Franco, the organization donated $1000 raised through the gala’s attendance and art auction as well as through sponsorships and women’s scholarship donations.

Keiser University College of Chiropractic Medicine professor Dr. Maruti Gudavalli also graciously donated $1000 toward two College of Chiropractic Medicine scholarships in honor of his late daughter. “Compassion towards oneself coupled with compassion towards others and nature can spread compassionate love with greater force and speed. I wish SWIIFT a successful journey towards this goal,” he said.

“We founded our SWIIFT organization based on our desire to transform the lives of women through strength and unity,” said Thiele, the organization’s president. “We thank campus president Kimberly Lea for supporting us along our journey, as it started because we met at Keiser University and thrived within its nurturing hands-on learning environment.  Our mission is to empower, unite, and inspire women in all healthcare professions with the purpose of encouraging and promoting sisterhood, community service, collaboration, and knowledge.”

“The program was enriching; the food was delicious; and the number of people in attendance certainly suggested a successful first time endeavor,” said Keiser University Nursing Director Marjorie Roache who’d supported the group in the effort.  “I’m looking forward to watching the growth of this organization.”

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