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July 29

Seahawk Nation, Tampa, Veterans Corner

Keiser University Tampa student Lee Tamburro turns a gift for problem solving into a career to serve the community

When Lee Tamburro steps through the lab room door, he’s taken to a new scene. A crime has taken place. […]

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July 25

Seahawk Nation, Tampa, Veterans Corner

From overseas to American soil: Keiser University Tampa pursues degree to continue serving his community

Keiser University Tampa student Auri Cooper began a life of service after graduating from high school. But his mission to […]

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July 25

Community News, Seahawk Nation, Tampa

Keiser University Tampa awards $25,000 scholarship to local high school senior

Keiser University Tampa is helping one local high school senior reach new educational goals with a $25,000 scholarship. In July, […]

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June 08

Campus News, Seahawk Nation, Tampa

Keiser University Tampa student inspired to solve cold cases with a degree in crime scene technology

As Rosa Viera dusts the surface of a plastic cup, she’s not just searching for fingerprints, but for answers to […]

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April 04

Campus News, Faculty Spotlight, Tampa

Keiser University Criminal Justice Leader Enjoys ‘Domino Effect’ of Paying Experience Forward

Dr. Heidi Sievers recently shared how grateful she is that the ‘analytical way of thinking’ she recognized as a child […]

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March 23

Seahawk Nation, Student Spotlight, Tampa

Keiser University student veteran pursues degree in Business Administration to serve others

To serve one’s country takes a leap of strength and courage. To follow one’s dreams takes a leap of faith. […]

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June 30

Featured Posts, Graduate Spotlight, Seahawk Nation, Tampa

Keiser University Student Overcomes PTSD To Earn Bachelor’s Degree

Jewral (Jayr) Mcintyre completed one of his biggest challenges yet by earning his bachelor’s degree at Keiser University Tampa earlier […]

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January 20

Campus News, Faculty Spotlight, Featured Posts, Tampa

Students Enjoy Investigating Lifelike Scenarios at Keiser University’s Tampa Campus

Keiser University Cyber Forensics and Information Security faculty team members find the creation of lifelike investigative scenarios very beneficial. As […]

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